Let’s enjoy a trek!

Before I opened Indigo Cat I was a tour guide for almost 10 years. Who am I?  I am Pang.  I come from Ta Van village located  8 km from Sapa. Of course I like sewing a lot but it is great to be outdoors sometime. I also enjoy being in the villages, trekking and to continue to show my customers my heritage and my community.

On 1, 2 or 3 days with a overnight in a homestay, it’s up to you. It could be a hard trek or something softer. The reality is more about the weather and the field conditions. So there are no fixed itineraries. I much prefer to plan something with you before we go and of course during the day by suggesting different ways to reach our destination.

We start our day at around 9 am directly from the shop or your hotel. We will go through rice fields, bamboo forests and of course visit some villages on the way. There are a lot of rivers so if the weather permits it possible to go swimming so don’t forget to bring your swimming clothes.

At the end of the day(s) we will take a motorbike-taxi back to Sapa. All the drivers drive carefully as the roads permit a slow speed.

Batik course

The first day of trekking we end up in Ta Van village. So it is possible to enjoy our batik class in the afternoon or the morning of the second day. Please note that we have to take a shorter way if we go for a 1 day trek so we we are not late for the course.


Hmong people are famous farmers and there is always something to do. So if you are not really a hiker or if you want to have a different experience, we can arrange a farming day. We go cut wood for cooking, collect pig food and feed the chicken. These are the everydays jobs. Planting and collecting rice, corn and indigo are seasonal jobs and are difficult to predict in advance as we are dependent of the weather. We can check for this directly together.


On 2 days / 1 night, we sleep in my parents house and if we go for a longer trek we sleep in my brother’s house the second night. Their houses are basic but comfortable. As far as we can do in a village. It is built on two floors. Downstairs there is a large room where you can rest. It is also the place where we eat dinner together. On the second floor there is a big area for sleeping. We have mattresses and good blankets for the cold nights. And don’t worry there are toilets and hot showers which is always great after a day trek.

The food is amazing and we will share many different dishes such as vegetables, meat and poultry, springrolls and of course steamed rice. It is possible to help prepare the food if you want. Cool beverages are available as well as the traditional rice wine of my father.


Price per person 1 day 2 days/1 night 3 days/2 nights Batik option
1 person 800’000đ (40$) 1’800’000đ (90$) 2’800’000đ (140$) +450’000đ (22.5$)
2 persons 700’000đ (35$) 1’500’000đ (75$) 2’300’000đ (115$) +300’000đ (15$)
3 persons 600’000đ (30$) 1’300’000đ (65$) 2’000’000đ (100$) +250’000đ (12.5$)
4 persons+ 500’000đ (25$) 1’100’000đ (55$) 1’800’000đ (90$) +250’000đ (12.5$)

Our prices include everything excluding beverages and insurance.